The #Senseof


by Ari Kuschnir

What if we don’t go back to normal?

What if normal wasn’t working? Where else could we go?

This episode explores the ways in which we might begin to imagine a new normal — one that is quite different from the normal that we knew before. How can our new normal help to heal and regenerate our relationships with ourselves, with one another, and with the living earth of which we are an integral part?

episode 4

What happens when we collectively confront our mortality?

The pandemic has brought death awareness, which is often denied and ignored, into the foreground of our collective experience, inviting us each to consider our own relationship with mortality.

This theme emerged organically across multiple conversations, even though it wasn’t one of the original questions. It seemed to be asserting its own importance and inevitability (much like death itself) and led to this third episode in the series.

episode 3

Where do we go from here?

Humanity’s oldest myths tell us that the first stage of transformation is initiation. Could we be experiencing a collective initiation during this time, one that’s introducing us to new ways of being and knowing?

Together is a series that explores this important moment by asking key questions and listening for new answers.

episode 2

What are the questions?

In the midst of this unprecedented moment we all find ourselves in, I woke up with the desire to put my creative gifts to good use and began reaching out to a few friends and interesting people with questions about this timely and timeless moment we are in. The answers led me on a journey that became this new series: Together.

episode 1

A series by Ari Kuschnir
Music by Youthfaire
Design by Sunlight

The Questions:

What is happening? Schuyler Brown, Futurist/Presentist

What are we doing here with our time? Jeffrey Perlman, Advisor

What does the future look like? Ashley Baccus-Clark, Artist + Speculative Neuroscientist

What story are we in? Michael Meade, Mythologist

What is the earth telling us? Soraya Hosni, Anthropologist

What do I need right now? Adam Roa, Artist

What do we do when our reassuring narratives are shattered? Jason Silva, Futurist + Storyteller

What if all of this is alive, what if we are one living organism and we are sick? Jerónimo Calderón, Explorer

What are the natural things that will help us? Julien Christian Lutz, Filmmaker

What exactly was it that we were doing before we got really focused on what most matters? Dr. Amy Albright, Resilience Teacher

Do I need just like a walk? Do I need just a little bit of silence? Adam Roa, Artist

What’s mine to do and what’s not mine to do? Satyen Raja, CEO Guide

Do we choose fear? Or do we choose love? Yael Greenberg, Creative Producer

How does it feel to stay in this limbo space for some time? And what comes up? Jonathan Harris, Artist

What parts of me need healing now so that I can be as whole, as resilient, as I can be? Schuyler Brown, Futurist/Presentist

80 percent of my outreach to people has been about how they’re doing. Kwame Taylor-Hayford, Creative Executive

What’s the importance of community and how does it show up? Ivan Cash, Artist

How do we keep up connection during this time? Because we’re not actually physically interacting with people and now we’re having to do that online. And I think it’s harder than ever to keep that up. Jesse Dylan, Storyteller

How can we tend to one another beautifully at this time? We have generations of surviving ancestors and those who’ve gone through crises in earthquakes and floods and epidemics before; we have it in our DNA to survive. And how can we be of service, a service of love and compassion to all that we care about? In the end, this is what matters. Jack Kornfield, Teacher + Author

Is the coronavirus in some way the best thing that could have happened to humanity right now? Daniel Pinchbeck, Author

Will we cooperate in order to beat this thing? And can we then use that cooperation to conquer other problems? Max Joseph, Filmmaker

Is this one of those things that makes us all wiser and higher minded? You know, we’ve put aside our differences. We put aside foolish tribalism. Or is it that we’ve kind of descended into even even a more survival mode. Tim Urban, Writer

From everyday people to designers, creators, storytellers – what does it look like from here? Ashley Baccus-Clark, Artist + Speculative Neuroscientist

Are we operating according to the right value system? Yancey Strickler, Author + Entrepreneur

How do we really design for the undeniably interconnected world that we are instead of using kind of a trauma response of trying to figure out how to design for more isolation? Kamal Sinclair, Executive Director + Curator

What is likely to return and what is likely to change? Jim Rutt, Writer + Entrepreneur

Who is tracking the data? We could genuinely see the difference this makes to climate projections. Gabriella Kay, Agency Founder

How, instead of just exploiting further earth, that will just trigger more and more crises like that, we can actually become a regenerative civilization. Monika Bielskyte, Creative Futurist

What if we enter a new normal where we take care of all the people who have fallen through the cracks and re-devote our energies to: how do I offer my gifts in service of all of my brothers and sisters here on earth? Charles Eisenstein, Speaker + Author