The #Senseof


by Ari Kuschnir


Humanity’s oldest myths tell us that the first stage of transformation is initiation. Could we be experiencing a collective initiation during this time, one that’s introducing us to new ways of being and knowing?

Together is a series that explores this important moment by asking key questions and listening for new answers... read more



by Matthew Rudnicki


The Great Pause came without much notice, though no one was truly surprised.

Across the world, the people – already half asleep – carried themselves home and shook the dust from their sheets, preparing for the dreaming they’d agreed to ages ago… read more


by Pom and Natasha


One Word Sawalmem is a story of personal transformation related to a single untranslatable word from Pom’s ancestral language — a word offered to humanity as medicine to heal our relationship with the Earth… read more

Come share your #senseof the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible…