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Charles Eisenstein: the #senseof noticing…

MBW24 Live Stream

More Beautiful World 24 offers a window to the world to step through and engage with the #senseof the more beautiful world in our hearts, now. 

MBW24 is a collective contribution to our shifting experience of what is real and true in our world today.

These uncut recordings of each session form the artifacts put in motion during Now What?!  Each session is logged in their respective YouTube nest with active links to each segment.

Session 1 we engaged in the #senseof curiosity. Session 2 we conjured the #senseof story. Session 3 we explored our #senseof place. In session 4 we dreamt the #senseof community. In session 5 the #senseof initiation welcomed us at its threshold. Session 6 circled back on the #senseof each other in this liminal space.

session 1 uncut

session 2 uncut

session 3 uncut

session 4 uncut

session 5 uncut

session 6 uncut

Come share your #senseof the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible…