BEAM(ing) Regen•era


The Eleprocon Epiphany: from whence we came and where we’re heading…

This mythOS has entangled me in the #senseof a kindred quest for what seems like eons.

Upon arrival in the Buckminster Fuller Institute’s Design Science Studio I was already well attuned to a distant beacon, an awe inspiring future calling back to each of us.

It was then I realized I was in fact swirling in a backcasting eddy weaving within all of ourstory inclusive of past, present and future. Our omnidirectional peripheral vision was expanding together.

Readying to set sail, it was obvious I had arrived at the portal of Regen•era. I could tell by the beaming smiles of eleprocon kin as we crossed the threshold of this journey together.

It was time, we were ready. We were already midstream and picking up speed heading directly into the Regenaissance. The course had been charted for years to come.

The view from the bridge would soon be blossoming.

“BEAM(ing) to you from the DSS Kinship”

…stay attuned…

“The medium is the message – be the medium”

BEAM(ing) Regen•era arrived to synergize the heART of the Regenaissance into playful paths of discovery leading into, through and beyond the launch of Regen•era Raising all the while channeling the Design Science Decade.

BEAM(ing) Regen•era will nurture the storyseeds of a multitude of new perspectives to develop how we evolve these new means/memes of communication and show up for them. Each a symbiotic fractal of the greatest whole on earth.

BEAM(ing) Regen•era is the sandbox for the formation and prototyping of the Backcasting Evolutionary Alliance Mediums first backcasting event, exploration of methods of evolutionary re•portage and omnidirectional communication.

02021 Launch Timeline March 21-28

Pre-launch: teasers and milestone moments conjured with interviews of DSS 1st-of kin, cohort crew and guests

Launch week: omnilogues each day of event including hosted metaviews, curated tours and spontaneous rhapsody

Post-launch: extend and nurture storyseeds and participation into next phase of Design Science Decade

“Regen•era — heART of the Regenaissance ”

ART is About Regenerative Thought

“We seem to be a verb”


Evolution = Mind x omnidirectional communication